Opening Ceremonies

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony: Fruit at the altar Brian and I have decided that it would be fun to experience marriage in as many major religions as possible and what better time to have a buddhist ceremony than while visiting China? Forty years of religion-oppressing communism be damned! To top it off, my parents recently became practicing buddhists and were delighted to participate in a ceremony. (Stateside, we dissed both our families in favor of eloping, sort of.)

The evening before the ceremony, we drove through back alleys in Beijing searching for fresh fruit (it's good to bring an offering to Buddha). Hours later, we posessed some apples. Whew. It looked very decorative on the mantel in the monk's library on Saturday. I bet the monks eat the fruit when nobody's looking. Buddhist Wedding Ceremony: Trying to light the incense Brian and I were taken to a back room to light incense. Unfortunately, the monk was using a box of The People's Matches. Strike one... nope... two... nope... four, five... he gave up and fetched a lighter.

Shopping note: Brian was able to acquire a lighter with a picture of The Young Chairman (kind of like The Young Elvis.) It played the ever-inspiring commie anthem "East Is Red" when opened.

Opening Ceremonies
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