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Dressing Like A Local

Despite the fact that mountains of Western clothing is manufactured in China, the country continues to experience a kind of generational clothing gap. Although Mao suits are still around, Western clothing (rather, designer knockoffs) are leaking drippily into Chinese culture. However, the womanizing magazines that dictate torturous Western fashion trends have not sunk in their claws yet, and the somewhat bizarre result is that people are adopting the clothing while simultaneously exercising a distinct disregard for, ah, fashion.

Shopping in China: Ooo! We were easily pegged as Westerners.

Even on days when we made a serious attempt to blend into the background, we were unable to integrate. Basic family oddities aside, the problem seemed to stem from a combination of dead giveaways, including natural fibers and comfortably-fitting pants.

If you're an asian travelling to China, check yourself against these Tips To Dressing Like A Local.

If you're travelling to China but you're not an asian, expect to hear a lot of people describe you as "Da bi-zi, yuan yen-jing" (big nose, round eyes).

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