Hey, Michalowski...
It's Neo-rific!

After the terra cotta warriors, Ping took us to the "Ban Po Neolithic Village" (Brian: "It's Neo-rific!"). Fast asleep at the entrance to the archaeological site was one of The People's Security Guards (he was supposed to keep us from taking pictures). By the time we completed a circuit of the site, he had stretched out to his full length upon the bench and had settled his military-issue cap under his head for a pillow. Brian and Richard were extremely tempted to sneak up and yell "FIRE!"

Xi'an: Brian and the Giant Breast (Ban Po Neolithic Village)

Adjoining the archaeological site is a "recreated village" (read: state-run tourist trap) where you can pay about 15 yuan to see girls in dance around in bikinis and then run off. All the accompanying literature talked about how the peoples in this area were a maternalistic society and so everything centered around women. (Hooray!) And to emphasise the importance of women, the entrance to this "village" was a huge stucco wall which, if you backed up far enough... well, turn your head sideways and see for yourself.

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